TLA Photography: Blog en-us (C) TLA Photography (TLA Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT TLA Photography: Blog 81 120 Scott + Ashley | Shot for Dani Stephenson Photography I am REALLY behind on blogging, I'll admit it. Fall is such a crazy time of year for photographers!!  I wanted to have this up last week, but I had a work trip to Puerto Rico and I forgot my external hard drive which resulted in a week off of editing any photos. :(
Scott and Ashley's wedding day was just beautiful.  This wedding was shot for Dani Stephenson Photography and I want to thank her for inviting me along... all the way across the state!!!!  You can see her blog post along with the ladies here.
I do have to add that Scott gave me a new knick name that I do kind of like... T-dizzle. :)
Thanks again to all!!

We ventured to Ashley's Grandpa's farm.  I love when couple's have awesome locations that mean so much to them!



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Ryan + Amber | Wisconsin Dells Wedding Photographer  Ryan and Amber had a beautiful September day for their wedding at Cold Water Canyon in Wiscsonsin Dells.  This location is SO beautiful!!  I loved how they had their wedding right next to the water and their guest got to relax and enjoy a drink on the boat.  I honestly can say I wasn't sure what to expect.  I only spoke to Ryan over the phone a few times and via text.  It was the first time I have gone in blind and never talked to the bride, but things worked out awesome... great job Ryan!!!  :)  Ladies, you can task your husbands-to-be with wedding items!!!

Thanks to both Ryan and Amber for having me be a part of their special day!

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Paul + Abby | Shot for Emily Schmidt Photography Thanks to Emily Schmidt Photography for inviting me along on Paul + Abby's wedding!!  I love spending the day with my friend and fellow photog capturing life!!  While I did have big ideas when taking these pictures about how to blog them, I am running short on time.  Life is taking over and is extremely busy on all aspects!!  I am a bit behind on getting sessions out to people and I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your patience!!  You have all been just wonderful!!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!


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Chris + Megan | Second Shot for T Hanson Photography I am over the moon that Theresa of T Hanson Photography invited me along on one of her weddings.  I adore her work and although we have chatted on the same post in a photography group, I had never met her.  Meeting for the first time 5 minutes before we started shooting, I knew we would hit it off and I had a blast!!

Chris and Megan, thanks to you as well for allowing me to be part of you beautiful day.  Congrats and best wishes to a fun future!!


LOVED the colors, my fav!!

Megan's mom. How sweet is this?!?!

It was my anniversary so I ducked out early to enjoy a date with my husband.  This is what I caught the wedding party doing as I left!

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Omar + Melinda | New Lisbon Wedding Photographer Most of you know I work full time... well, I blog on my lunch hour because my connection from home is super ssssllllooooowwww.  Well, my lunch hour is almost over. :)  I would love to write tons and post more about Omar and Melinda because they are adorably sweet together and individually.  Their day was beautiful, then it down poured, and then it was beautiful again!!  They are recently back from their honeymoon and settling into their new lives together!!

I want to thank them for inviting me along to be part of their special day!!!

i have never seen the travelodge... or whatever they call it these days look more beautiful.  Melinda hand ironed all of these chair covers!!

homemade family pies.

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Amelia is 2!!! So it was raining off and on for Amelia's session but we decided to go for it. These are a bit different than my normal edits, but they haziness seemed to go with the day.  This is my third session with Amelia and she is so sweet!!  Shy at first, but after about 20 minutes she starts to warm up!!

I am excited to say that he mommy is having another little girl!!  Some pictures of her baby bump are below too!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Once she saw the playground equipment, she was way over me and my big black camera!! :)

I adore this next shot.

You can see where Amelia gets her beauty.  What a pretty momma, with great hair I might add!!

and with that, Amelia say arrrrrr, thanks for stopping by!!

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Aria | 4 days new Have I ever mentioned that I love newborns?!?! ;) Aria was just plain awesome during her session and LOVED being snuggled up in blankets outside!!!  Mom and Dad were hoping to get some pictures with big brother Kai, but at the age of 2 like most other boys, wanted nothing to do with it.  Thanks for letting me capture her first moments in life!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  If you are driving through downtown Mauston, don't forget to look for the new studio being set up along with Crazy Daisy Photography!!

i do believe this is my favorite and will be displayed at the new studio!

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Ella is 2!!! Like most 2 year olds Miss Ella wanted nothing to do with her pictures. She wanted to be held, then run and play with her Daddy.  She is for sure a Daddy's girl, it is so cute to see!! :)  At one point I even told Matt to beat it and go enjoy a drink at the Body Shop since we were close by!!  Yes everyone I toture parents by telling them to go relax for a bit!!

I hands down love these.  The light was perfect and we used new locations that everyone probably drives by daily and doesn't give them a second glance.  Matt will tell you we were in weeds, but those weeds were beautiful. :)


these earrings are forever lost in the field.

A few pictures from Ella's birthday party!!  Cakes made by Tania Clark of Jossabean Sweets!

i claim these two goofy girls!

Ella's mommy is expecting again and before this cake was brought out, we all had to guess the sex of the baby.  the room was divided.  i am happy to report for probably the first time ever, i guessed right!!  this is such a CUTE idea!!

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Princess Grace!! A shorter blog post today as I am just getting back into the swing of things from being on vacation all last week.  I didn't edit one photo while I was gone, return one work email, just relaxed with the kids and read my books.  While it was relaxing and just what I needed, minus the 100 degree heat in a cabin with no air... I REALLY missed my photography, all aspects and yes, even the editing. :)

Grace is an extremely sweet girl and rocked out her session on a rather hot day as well.  She just hung with me while mom waited in the car as we made our way to a few different locations!!

Thanks again!!!!
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The Brown Family Extended!
Meet the Brown Family Extended!!!  My friend Rita planned this session for her Mother-in-law and Father-in-law that were here from Kansas for a visit!!  If you look hard enough, you will see Grandpa sporting the Jayhawks logo!!

First photo, our ice breaker!!  I had so much fun in this session, the kids were AMAZAING!!

Loved these little cabins!!!

This family also traveled from Kansas as well!!!

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The Matti's! This was a HOT HOT HOT day and the kids did great for the session!!!   We had plans to meet at the bluff in La Crosse, but it was extremely windy up top so we found a bit more secluded spot over where Brittany grew up!  It was a beautiful area!!

Thanks to the Matti family for putting up with the heat!!!

I have to be quick with Miss Ava... she loves to hide from my camera!!

just chillin'.  love this one of Noah!

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The Wilkinson's Christmas presents in June!!!  The Wilkinson's were given a gift card as a present and we were finally able to schedule before their daughter went on a summer vacation!!  I want to thank them for rescheduling a few times and when we finally got to the session rain was headed our way and the bug were TERRIBLE!!!!!

Thanks again Wilkinson Family!!! 

We were at this location literally 2 minutes and couldn't handle all the mosquitoes living there!!

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Travis + Geena = Baby Travis called me a few weeks ago wanted to surprise his wife Geena with a maternity session... HOW SWEET IS HE?!?!?!  So fighting through rain and mosquitoes we were able to capture some sweet baby bump pics!!  Geena is due this coming Friday and I wish them both the best of luck in their new adventure!!!

Geena is a photographer herself (check her out here) and loves black and white pictures, so I am changing things up for her and doing an all B&W post!

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Trevor + Jessica ~ Second Shot for Emily Schmidt Photography I would like to start out by thanking Emily of Emily Schmidt Photography for one, inviting me along to shoot with her on Trevor & Jessica's fabulous wedding day and two, for becoming a very good friend in the last year!!  Who knew just by chance this girl who married someone I went to high school with would share the same values and passion that I do!! :)

I am headed out of town this weekend for some much needed family time and to celebrate my father-inlaws 80th birthday so this post isn't as long as I want it to be, but wanted to get something posted before we took off for the Northwoods!  Even in pouring down rain Trevor and Jessica had an amazing day and they never let it dampen their spirits!!  The Waterfront in La Crosse was super kind in letting us have the run of the place so we could get some pictures before the wedding. 

Thanks again to everyone for involving me in this special day and allowing me to capture these moments!!

Right after the First Look!!!!

Emily and I both share the love for "headless" protraits.  Sounds morbid I know. ;)

And onto the maid of honor... can you say A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!  She totally rapped her speech and at moments left the bride and groom in shock with her written words!

All the single ladies, all the single ladies... now put your hands up, up in the club......

She sings too!!!

Congrats Trevor & Jessica!!!
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My First Workshop with the Amazing Blue Dandelion Photography A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending a work shop with Doug, Courtney, & the staff of Blue Dandelion Photography (check them out here!)  I love all things photography, but newborns just melt my heart and that is why I chose a newborn workshop to be my first ever workshop!!  The Blue Dandelion crew didn't disappoint!!!  There is SO many reasons to attend workshops and I recommend it to all levels of photographers, but my main goal from the workshop was to learn the posing tricks and how to keep those babies sleepin'!! :)

Here are a few shots from the day!!!  Thanks again to Doug & Courtney for sharing you knowledge and newborns and much more throughout the day, it is greatly appreciated!!!

A behind the sceens with the wonderful ladies at Blue Dandelion!!  They were so amazing to learn from!!!

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Brendan and Stephanie ~ Sights from a Second Shooter I have the amazing pleasure this year to shoot a few weddings with the amazing Dani Stephenson Photography and this wedding was a great way to kick off wedding season!!  Brendan aka Iggs and Stephanie had a beautiful day along with a wonderful and fun wedding party!!  Congrats to you both and thank you for letting me spend the day with you!!

And a special thanks to Dani for giving me the opportunities, for pushing me to learn, and for the encouragement! Check out Dani's wedding day post here!

Here is my view of the day as the second shooter!!  We are there to capture different angles and views of the wedding day and to help the main photographer with anything they might need!!  It is a great way to learn from some of the best!!

 Iggs is a big softball player and the field was at the request of his lovely wife!!

A different edit for me, but I like the mood it gives!!

LOVE the buttons and yes, the cupcakes were super yummy!!

Their crowd was simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Again, many thanks to you all!!

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Lake ~ 5 Days New HUGE congrats go to Mommy and Daddy on a beautiful baby girl!!  Lake is adorable in every way and I couldn't be more thrilled to capture her first few days!! 

We just did a mini-session at home for Lake and I have to say, she was relaxed and couldn't have cared less that I was doing anything to her for awhile... then she does what newborns do, pee... poop... and get hungry!!

Enjoy her sweetness!!!

Lake's Grandma made her this and the mirror was Lake's Great Grandma's!!

 This was at Mom's request... Dad calls Lake "Hippo"!

 This is Lake the day she was born.  She was alert the entire time that I was at the hospital and turned her head everytime she heard Mom or Dad!!

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Sweet Scout ~ 4 Months I was completely honored to be able to take Scout's 4 month photos!!  Scout's mom is a life long friend of mine and god-mother to my oldest daughter.  They have recently moved back from Colorado and are looking for new opportunity in the Wisconsin area to be closer to family.  It is going to be great having them close by!!

As you can see, she is completely adorable and is always happy and smiling... except maybe when an odd woman is hovering around her with a big black thing!!

I can't wait for our next session!!!!!
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New Year, New Experiences, New Goals, and New Friends~2012 First things first... I just want to thank everyone for all the support in my first full successful year of business!!  You are all amazing and have taught me so much, I send much love to you all!!  I am SO grateful for being able to do what I love!! 

A new year means new experiences, new goals, new friends, and well, new pricing and packages. Pricing is always something that photographers have a hard time with... pricing can range all over the board and honestly there are a lot of us out there to pick from!!  You just have to know your style and pick your photographer from there... do your research to make sure the photographer's style is something that you are looking for in your photos!

I also want to just put a reminder out there to everyone that this is not my full time job, even though I would completely LOVE it if it was. I work 45 hours a week and travel quarterly where needed.  I also have three beautiful girls that I love spending time with and throughout the last year at times have cried for mom's attention.  I need to spend a little more time with them this summer on the weekends... so with that being said, I will be taking a few less weddings this year.  I feel my strengths are in sessions that are more one on one with children, families, etc and would like to focus my time more on where I feel my strengths are.  I will be accepting 4 weddings a year and will leave some dates open for second shooting weddings.  I have only second shot one wedding with the amazing Dani Stephenson and found it to be very fun and informative!!!  There are some amazing photographers out there that I would still love to work and learn with!!

So onto the new pricing and packages!! 

Family/Child Session ~ $100
Edited Images on Disk with Release
1 Hour Session up to 2 Locations

Newborn Session ~ $175
Edited Images on Disk with Release
2 Hour Session up to 2 Locations

Maternity Session ~ $150
Edited Images on Disk with Release
2 Hour Session up to 3 Locations

Maternity & Newborn Session ~ $275
Edited Images on Disk with Release
2 Hour Session up to 3 Locations
8x10 Organic Bloom Frame with Choice of Color, Style, & Printed 8x10 Photo

Newborn, 6 Month, and 1 Year Cake Smash Sessions ~ $325.00
Get a $50 Discount for Purchasing all Together!!
Edited Images on Disk with Release
2 Hour Session for Newborn
1 Hour Session for 6 Month
1 Hour Session for 1 Year Cake Smash

Rock the Dress Session ~ $150
Edited Images on Disk with Release
1-2 Hour Session up to 3 Locations

Engagement Session ~ $150
Edited Images on Disk with Release
1-2 Hour Session up to 3 Locations

Senior Sessions ~ $225
Edited Images on Disk with Release
2 Hour Session up to 3 Locations and 4 Outfits
3 Sets of 8 Sheet Wallets

Wedding Packages

6 Hour Package ~ $1100
Edited Images on Disk with Release
Engagement Session
8x10 Organic Bloom Frame with Choice of Color & Style
Discounted Professional Prints and Canvas up to 11x14

8 Hour Package ~ $1350
Edited Images on Disk with Release
Engagement Session
8x10 Organic Bloom Frame with Choice of Color & Style
Discounted Professional Prints and Canvas up to 11x14

10 Hour Package ~ $1600
Edited Images on Disk with Release
Engagement Session
11x14 Organic Bloom Frame with Choice of Color & Style
Discounted Professional Prints and Canvas up to 11x14

Professional Print Pricing

I really do recommend professional prints over going to Wal Mart, Walgreens, Target, etc.  You REALLY can see a difference!!!
**When my website is completed, you will have a gallery with an online ordering option**

8 Wallets ~ $5.00
4x6 ~ $2.00
5x7 ~ $3.50
8x10 ~ $6.00
11x14 ~ $11.00

**Custom Sizes are available as well as Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints, contact me for details**

If any one has questions on my new packages and pricing, please don't hesitate to contact me!!!!

Again, thank you SO SO SO much for all the continued support!!  I am extermely excited for all things to come in 2012!!!

With love,


Everyone have a Fun, Safe and Happy New Year!!!!

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The Brandt Family!! This was one of the easiest and quickest sessions I have done yet!!  I had to catch a plane and mom and dad had the "talk" with the kiddos about cooperating... and they were awesome!! :)

You will see my posts getting a bit shorter as I try to catch up on editing and getting sessions out to people for the holidays!!

again... THANK YOU!!!
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Baby Ben ~ 3 Weeks Old With traveling a lot around the time that Ben was born, we weren't able to work it out to get his photos done in the first 10 days as suggested with a newborn, but Ben ROCKED his session and was awesome for me!!!  Even with 3 girls playing in the background and asking for snacks every 10 minutes he was just relaxed and let me do my thing!!

He is from a long line of New Lisbon Fire Fighters!!

Ben's big sister... she is just adorable!!  Look at her amazing eyes!!

He's going to be a thinkin' man!! :)

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Kate and Emily ~ My God-Girls :) These are my god children, Kate and Emily!!  They are so adorably sweet!!  We are SO blessed to have these little girls in our lives and I know they will bring us tons of joy as they grow!! 

The girls showed up a bit earlier than expected so we took it easy on waredrobe changes and kept them covered to stay warm!!  These are a mix of photos from the hospital and at their home.  There is so much I could say about the girls journey in getting here, but my lunch hour isn't for much longer!!  Just know that my prayers were with them then, when they were born, and will always be!!

I am truly honored to be a part of their lives!!

This is Emily!!!!

And this is Kate!!

Love to all!!
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Baby Dylan ~ 10 days old!! Have I mentioned I LOVE doing newborn sessions?!?!  Check out sweet baby Dylan who was 10 days old when we did his photos... check out his hands and his facial expressions!!  You would think he was much older!!  He was an angel during the session, but not so tired.  Something about my house and babies not wanting to sleep!! 

Thanks again to Dylan and family for being continued supporters of TLA Photography!!!
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Tanner MHS Senior 2012 This was our second go around at attempting Tanner's senior pics due to rain... but this time we just went for it!!  If you look hard enough in the outdoor pictures, you will probably see rain drops!!  Thanks for being a trooper Tanner and doing this in the rain!!  Best of luck this coming year and in the future!!!

Tanner is a lifeguard at the Mauston pool!!

SOOOO cute!!

(TLA Photography) Tue, 25 Oct 2011 07:34:00 GMT
Jonathan ~ MHS 2012 Senior Congrats to Jonathan on his last year of schooling at MHS!!  Best of luck throughout the year and in the future!!

Thanks again!!!
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